Historical monument : should we be concerned about the angle of inclination of the support structures?

Historical monument : should we be concerned about the angle of inclination of the support structures?
Tuesday, 13 December, 2016 - 00:00

Following the appearance of a number of problems over the past two centuries, a monitoring campaign began in the mid-20th century, to verify if there were movements. In order to measure these movements and to define the behavior of the support structures, a new monitoring phase has been set up with OSMOS.

Appearing damages 
Registered as a historical monument and, therefore, saved from destruction, this church presents visible signs of aging: appearance of tilting movements, noticeable gaps in the building, poor previous restoration work, swelling of the stonework and cracks. 
Measuring the movements of the superstructure of this historical work
The monitoring methods put in place by OSMOS aim at identifying the evolutionary nature of the problems by analyzing the measurements recorded by the sensors installed on the support structures of the church. In order to better study the evolution of the problems, OSMOS engineers identify the angle of inclination of the stonework as the best monitoring parameter, in other words, the slope.  A monitoring system comprising sixteen autonomous and wireless inclinometers was put in place. 
Wireless inclinometers for continuous recording
Directly attached to the structural elements to be monitored, the LIRIS inclinometers make it possible to continuously record the angle of deformation of the elements to which they are attached. The data recorded, analyzed and correlated with the variations in temperature, thanks to the temperature probe included in the device, makes it possible to detect any abnormal evolution by checking parameters such as amplitude, rate of change and reversibility of structural constraints. 
Thanks to OSMOS’s monitoring system, the client participates proactively in the preservation of this historic monument which regularly hosts cultural events.