Car-park in the Trocadéro Commercial Centre, Paris, France

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Car-park in the Trocadéro Commercial Centre, Paris, France

Project: Sagrada Familia, Surveillance des effets de la construction d'une ligne de métro
Location: Paris, France
Instrumentation: S.E.A expert acquisition system with Optical Extensometers

OSMOS benefits:

  • Help with decision taking
  • Confirmation of compliance
  • Optimization of work



Expertise on cracks and floor plate deflection

The floors of the Trocadéro Commercial Centre car-park, which was built in 1999, were made using pre-stressed concrete pre-slabs. Cracks rapidly appeared in the joints between and inside the slabs. Surveys carried out by the client revealed little reinforcement of the floor pre-slabs, it was envisaged therefore to install a waterproof polyurethane membrane as the most economically viable solution. However, the conformity of this solution is only guaranteed if the cracks covered do not open up more than 2 millimetres. As a result of the tests carried out by OSMOS, the client obtained precise information on the instantaneous progression of the opening of these cracks and confirmed the installation of a waterproofing membrane. 



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